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The opportunity for schools & colleges

"We intend to change the relationship between schools, colleges and employers. Our objective is to massively scale up access to the work place through structured Insights so that your students are better informed about the important education and career decisions they have to make with little or no experience of the vast number of employment options that exist."

Recent Government statutory guidance has made this area an even higher priority.

  • Multiple relevant and free Work Insights for students matched to their interests
  • Full control over student access, profile and interaction including management dashboards
  • Insights from a wide range of employers, large international and national employers through to the smaller and even ‘super-local’ employers
  • Structured high quality sessions designed to engage students and provide a real Insight into an occupations
  • Flexibility in delivery - Insights can be delivered at any point in the academic year
  • Accessibility - no selection criteria
  • Added value - access to additional careers guidance related to work aspirations and Insights attended

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