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Demand for invaluable work experience far outstrips supply so we are doing something about it by structuring short Insights into the world of work and connecting the participants using a digital platform. We want to work with employers with social mobility on their agenda, interested in working with us to inspire and motivate 14-19 year olds to enhance their career aspirations by showing them what it takes to work and succeed in their industry and provide general experience of the work place.

You can do this by offering short half to one day work 'Insights' on your premises, to individual, small or large groups of students (maximum of 10) signed up to the programme. What makes different from other work experience programmes?

  • Less resources required - our Work Insights do not require the usual resource commitment of weekly/fortnightly placements or internships
  • Outsourced and automated – our platform will automate the process to provide a low-touch solution
  • Employer financial contribution - a small contribution per head for any budget combined with detailed feedback and measurement provides accountability and ensures sustainability
  • Flexible - Insights can be spread throughout the academic year rather than having to deal with an overload of requests during the same two week window
  • Support is provided from around the design and delivery of Insights as well as the legal requirements regarding working with schools and colleges
  • Spot future talent - you will have the opportunity to recruit future interns, apprentices or employees
  • Provides charitable donation and sustainable model for any budget

All of this to remove the complexity of work experience schemes so that you can give something back, raise the profile of your business or sector and access talent for your longer schemes or recruitment.

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